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About the Mommy Makeovers

There’s a good amount of  reasons that people end up getting mommy makeovers. But basically the main reason is that they want their body to return to how it was before they had a baby. Having a baby or multiple babies can really take it on your body. In some of the woman don’t feel as comfortable with her body or like it near as much as they did prior to having children.

The Mommy Makeover is one of the most common treatments. The objective of the Mommy Makeover is to change the parts of the woman’s body which altered after she gave birth or when she drastically changed weight. Usually, this treatment involves the abdominoplasty or also known as tummy tuck and breast surgeries like breast augmentation. Other times, it’s inner and outer thigh Liposuction involving other areas of the body as well.

For people living in and near Tulsa, you can visit a facility and consult with one of their doctors.

Plastic Surgery after Pregnancy

After you raise children and giving breast feeding, your breasts sag or seemingly flatten like a balloon. Added to that, the muscles, overlying skin and fat of your abdomen have been continually expanded which results to puff out tummy and endless stretch marks. Last but not the least, both sides of your body including your hips and thighs collect excess deposits of fat.

In Tulsa, there are a lot of plastic surgeons who advertise Mom Makeover. However, it is significant to know that it doesn’t only involve one particular procedure but it is, however, a mixture of more than one treatment at one time to approach the problems of post-pregnancy cosmetic issues. The procedures which will be done depend on the needs of a patient.

In relation to the enhancement of the breast, there are patients who only need to undergo breast augmentation to change the deflated and saggy boobs into more filled breasts. Others also need breast implants combined with mastopexy or lifting of your breasts. There are other moms who undergo breast reduction plus breast lift.

In the areas around the abdomen, the majority of the patients have to undergo body contouring treatments like abdominoplasty or also known as tummy tuck combined with muscle layer tightening and excess skin and fat removal. There is a modified type of procedure for abdominoplasty which is the mini-abdominoplasty. This is just exclusive for women whose problems are only to the areas underneath the belly button. For the latest medicinal information on pain treatments after the operations, you can read or research about Exparel.

Last but not the least, a great deal of costumers undergo liposuction to the hips, love-handle areas and even thighs for a smoother and contoured lengthy look of the torso.

Cosmetic Surgeries for Mothers in Tulsa

Mommy makeover is a very important treatment. One of the pros of this surgery is to drastically change the body of a woman who just gave birth with just a single visit to the operating room and one recovery time line.

There are only a few number of surgeries which promote this kind of improvement. Patients can get excited to be able to comfortably and confidently wear their bikini without sagging breasts, excess belly and thigh fat as well as ugly stretch marks.



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